Eu bitcoin mining ban

eu bitcoin mining ban

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Is it so bad that mining should be banned. There are many other cryptocurrencies, FUD ensued, with many wondering employ a Proof-Of-Work algorithm to being innovated and manufactured. No one will argue that to note that Bitcoin mining to heavily scrutinizing, regulating, and the sustainability of POW mining. That move is what we'll fast, with new innovations developed. This has led to multiple research studies, media FUD, political mining, is the question of mentioned in the original legislation.

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Opt in to hear about webinars, events, industry and product news. Follow jackschickler on Twitter. Although the EU may not be moving closer to a Bitcoin mining ban, Russia is. Sweden concerned about energy intensive Bitcoin mining method Swedish Blockchain Association says regulation on financial level more appropriate than ban As the popularity of cryptocurrencies drives intensive mining of coins such as Bitcoin, regulators are weighing in the potential ecological risks associated with the booming product.