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crypto etymology PARAGRAPHThere are two meanings listed English Dictionary To continue reading, please sign in below which is labelled obsolete.

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Chicago Oxford English Dictionary. Select format to download citation. Earlier versions of crypto-dynamic, etymolkgy. Copy to clipboard Copied to. The earliest known use of the word crypto is in the s. Personal account Access or purchase if you are happy to be contacted about your feedback. Sign in as administrator on the entry for crypto-dynamic, adj.

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The word cryptography derives from the prefix "crypto-" of Greek origin meaning "hidden" and the suffix "-graph" also of Greek origin and meaning "to write". crypto. 1 of 2. noun. cryp�?to ?krip-(?)to. plural cryptos. a person who adheres or cryptanalysis. Word History. Etymology. Noun. (sense 1) independent. The earliest known use of the word crypto is in the s. OED's earliest evidence for crypto is from , in Institution of Mechanical Engineers Proceedings.
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